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1651 East 70th Street #221a, Shreveport, LA 71105
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Phone number:
+1 318-459-9285

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Working hours

Monday 08:00am — 05:00pm
Tuesday 08:00am — 05:00pm
Wednesday 08:00am — 05:00pm
Thursday 08:00am — 05:00pm
Friday 08:00am — 05:00pm
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  • Pete Van Wart
    Jun, 20 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Thanks for everything, guys. Here's that review I promised I'd write. Finally!

    I was in Shreveport for a couple weeks doing a project when the A/C to the apartment I had rented on AirBnB went out. In Shreveport. In the summer!!!!

    Owners were out of town on vacation and wouldn't be back for days. I let them know and before we were off the phone, they had called SH&C. They told them they had a guest and were out of town. I don't know what it cost them to do that (though from the sound of the apartment owner's voice, it seemed like they were happy about it!), but they were over so fast I wondered if they'd just been waiting for the call.

    They were friendly and efficient. The guy who worked on the A/C unit outside even put up with a bunch of awkward questions I kept asking. What's that piece? Air compressor. How do you fix an air compressor? Very carefully.

    And my real stumper: what does HVAC mean again (it was written on the van)? Their techs were friendly, professional, and they were done before I even finished breakfast.

    And most importantly of all, the A/C was back. In Shreveport. In summer!!!

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